Volunteers are the heart of our mission.

Why volunteer?

Because it's fun! And because you'll be part of a community of friends focused on making a real difference. Our mission is simple but life changing. We don’t just give away clothes, we offer dignity, self-respect and self-worth.

When you volunteer as SIS, whether it’s by sorting, selling or client consultations, the aim of everything you do is to uplift individuals in crisis and help them show off their best, most professional selves. Dressed in professional clothing, our clients are far more likely to get and keep that job!

Volunteering with SIS in Maryland

At Success in Style, there’s a fit for every volunteer.

Whether it’s sorting, running retail, being a bridal consultant, working with our clients or just helping with administrative tasks, we have a place where you’ll be able to use your talents to make a difference.

A great way to give without an ongoing commitment! Gather your colleagues, classmates, family, or friends for a unique bonding experience of community service.

What is Involved?
Success-in-a-Day groups spend an afternoon sorting and organizing incoming inventory to serve our SIS clients and sell at our resale shops. Sandwiches are provided during the shift, and volunteers are entitled to a free item of clothing from Charity’s Closet! Volunteers also receive a service hours certificate which applies towards community service initiatives and taxable income.

Volunteer Groups
Up to 6 adults (age 18 and over) volunteering for 2 hours, scheduled during afternoons, except Saturdays.

Groups are typically scheduled months in advance, so be sure to plan ahead!


Whenever I work a shift at SIS, the time goes by so quickly that it’s not until I get home and need to put my feet up that I realize how hard I worked. It’s a great feeling!


Keep the best, donate the rest!

Every penny supports our mission.

Our stores all have amazing fashion finds that change daily.