Walk-In Appointments

If you are in crisis and seeking employment, we can help you for free. Follow these steps:



Get Job-Ready

We meet with job-ready clients who have stable housing arrangements, child care if necessary, and transportation access. Before meeting with us, please take advantage of job coaching and resume writing resources if you need to.



Send a Referral Form

Clients must submit our referral application before coming to meet with us. The form may be filled out by you or your case worker. Click the link below to get started.



Come in for Your Consultation!

Savage Mill Studio
Tuesday 11–3 or by appointment
RTA 503 Bus to Savage Mill

If you have questions regarding your Success In Style consultation, please text or call our SIS Outreach line at (301) 502-0409


Client Services

In addition to interview etiquette coaching, personal shopping guidance, and selecting flattering garments, Success in Style provides our clients with:


Shirts, blouses, coordinating shoes

Accessories, including handbags, briefcases, ties and jewelry

Outerwear, under garments, hosiery

Five additional items from Charity’s or Phil’s Closets

Bonus Items?




Walk-In Appointments
Come to our Savage Mill Studio 11–3pm Tuesdays


Referral Partners

Job-placement organizations, Social Service Agencies, Places of Worship and others can refer individuals seeking employment to SIS. View our full list of partners here.

Who is eligible for services?

We meet with clients who are job ready. Stable housing arrangements, child care if necessary, and transportation access are all part of being job ready.

We serve individuals in need who seek employment to attain self-sufficiency. Typical clients have demonstrated financial need, are in domestic or housing crisis, are refugees, in rehab or undergoing re-entry.

Referral to SIS should be done after the client has taken advantage of other resources preparing them for successful employment, like resume preparation and skills evaluation.