Dear friends,

In order to protect fellow Marylanders, Gov. Hogan has asked that all nonessential businesses close and "unless you have an essential reason to leave your house, you should stay in your homes."

Since I wish for all our supporters to remain healthy, and until it is deemed safe, I am removing the SIS donation cart at Savage Mill. To be clear, Success In Style will temporarily suspend all clothing donations, effectively immediately.

I do encourage organizing your closet—it's a mutually beneficial and a very productive activity. If you have items to donate, please think of SIS when we are up and running again. I am quite sure with so many being laid off, we will have a very large need for all clothing and accessories.

Thank you for your continued support. I miss seeing all our SIS friends, customers, volunteers and Savage Mill merchants. Let's do what we can to support any effort to speed the exit of Covid-19.

Thank you for supporting SIS and please stay healthy!

Jeannette Kendall
Executive Director, SIS