Clients & Referring Partners

Photo By Wendy Hickok

Clients receive

  • A fashion consultation to understand optimal clothing choices.
  • Suitable outfits for their interviews and new career.
  • Accessories and undergarments.
  • Interview etiquette coaching.

Men and women wishing to set up an appointment

    • Request a referral from their case worker, pastor, or job coach.
    • Call 301-498-5035 or email for an appointment.
    • Clients must arrive on-time, properly groomed and without children (exceptions may be made for small infants).

Organizations requesting referral forms inquire here

Appointment details

Appointments scheduled for women Monday through Thursday 10 -2 at Success In Style/Charity’s Closet at our Savage Mill location.

8600 Foundry Street, New Weave Building
Savage, MD 20763  Directions

Bus: CMRT:  E Route (CMRT customer service: 800-270-9553)

Appointments scheduled for men and women on Wednesdays at: North Laurel-Savage Multiservice Center
9900 Washington Blvd (rte. 1)
Laurel, MD Directions

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